Dorothy Grant Virtual store November 30,2013

The Dorothy Grant virtual store is PULSATING with good energy and success.   Its one I can’t describe except to say this:  Its because of a lot of variables that this has happened.  I contribute that to, of course, the quality products, that I strive to put forward, but  importantly, it has a lot to do with desire and needs of my customers.  It has to do with value of what they are getting when purchasing.  It has to do with my track, the past  17 year history of my own brick and mortar retail stores, and the thousands of garments that I’ve produced with an excellent team over the past 24 years.  Yes, amazing to me this December 2013 will mark 24 years of my Feast Wear label.  And there are times I have to give my head a shake and wonder has it been that long.  All of this contributes to the DG brand, and the PULSATING energy of business that I’m talking about.  It is with pure gratitude, that I’m so happy today, as I complete my Black friday sale.  I say to all that purchased the past two days a very big Howaa’ for believing in me and my products.

You give me energy to move forward into a new year, into producing more good things to tantalize you with.  In December I plan to keep going with great deals from all my lines on my virtual store.  I will also be set up in Hotel Vancouver  December 14-15 , where I debut my Feast Wear line in  December 1989.  I shall post more in the next few days.  Again a very huge Howaa’ to you all.


Charles Edenshaw, Haida Master Carpenter Vancouver Art Gallery

DG Edenshaw Bracelet

DG Edenshaw Bracelet

Vancouver Art Gallery, October 25, 2013,  I felt truly enlighten by the art exhibit of Charles Edenshaw. The largest gathering of Edenshaw works in one place, a total of 240 pieces from collections and museums from all around the world. Many pieces left me jaw dropped speechless and sometimes in tears.I think it is true that one can feel the presence of a person thru their art work, in particular if they had such genius as he did.  A man of his time he is called, because in an age that most artist could not make a living on their work, he was constantly in demand and sought after for commission work. He thrived on Haida art and the stories that he had to tell in argillite, wood, silver,and painted basketry. He set the bar over 100 years ago for all his descendents to follow. I am a Haida descendent of his uncle, Duncan Ginnawaan of Klinkwan Alaska. So the effects of this shows, Read More →

1994 to 2012 being Santa’s Helpers

Its been many years that I’ve been in retail sales, manufacturing my own line and selling it to the thousands who appreciate it.  Its been a very fulfilling time of year.  My staff and I worked hard to get the inventory in on time.  We were extremely diligent about meeting deadlines, getting the packages in the mail, at all costs.  We put the customers first, we listen to their needs, we kept the husbands secrets and (the wive sometimes).  We felt we were part of the process of making so many Christmas times exactly perfect for our clients. There were some men who would come and and make my boutique their one stop shopping place and buy everyone on their list one of my garments or accessories.  I enjoyed meeting so many of them as we would sit in the store  as my staff wrapped packages in custom made wrappers, and we just talk story. They told me it became a status symbol to have a “Dorothy Grant” box under the tree. And how special their loved ones, the receiver of  those gifts felt on Christmas day.  I can’t tell you in words how so satisfying this was to me.

This past week I am fast at it again,  I’ve already mailed out dozens of packages, with the release of my new website  just 10 days ago.  I’ve opened the doors again to new products, a new online store, and everything is just ticking away.  I’m thrilled, that I can still play this role of Santa’s Helper.  Yes, I’m on it guys. The brick and mortor store may be gone, but the product remains the same quality and attention to details is not going to be missed for my clients.  I’m right here for you, so send me an email or go right to the online store and place your order.  We will get out the door as fast as we recieve it.

I want to thank you all for helping me all these years to stay in business, and I will keep making beautiful designs for you. I remind you to shop local and small business from all the artists out there, that have hopes of making you and their Christmas special and fulfilling.

Announcing the Dorothy Grant Art Collection

Dear Friends,

It has been 20 months since I closed my retail stores in downtown Vancouver BC, after 17 years. I have reflected back on those years and marveled at how I managed to come through 3 recessions!  I also think of the thousands of items of clothing I produced and the thousands of clients that came through the stores. It was exciting and challenging times. I have no regrets. But there is one thing I miss, and it’s the vibrant interactions with my clients as you purchased my garments and accessories, and told me your special stories.  I am hoping we can have that same interaction online here on my studio page. I am more accessible to my clients and students of art now, as I sit here in my beautiful studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean facing the Gulf and San Juan Islands in Tsawwassen BC.

I am only an email, a Facebook post or a phone call away. Please go to my Facebook studio page and “like” and you will receive my blog and updates at   I do welcome all of your comments.

Brand new to my site is the “Dorothy Grant Art Collection”.  This comprises 30 years of collecting, trading and commissioning some of the worlds best native artists. It comes from my skill of identifying the finest talents of these artists. Each fine piece has a personal story shared by the artist and myself.

One of my dearest passions has been Haida art and basketry. My artistic roots in art began over 35 years ago, when I handmade regalia for dance groups. I focused on learning spruce root basketry as taught to me by Florence Davidson of Masset BC. She was my Haida elder mentor for many years—we had a special bond. And I was privileged to have learned from her. From there began my fascination with the Haida hat shapes. I have collected some of the finest hats, as you will see in my basketry section from roots to glass art. I would invite you to look at the collection and perhaps there is something you would like to purchase and I am pleased to tell you more about the piece. If you would like to find a particular artist and you are interested in commissioning something special, I can help in this area. I can facilitate this process from start to finish, as many artists need to stay focused on their process of creativity. My specific skill is to aid in this delicate process. I welcome you to call me.

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Sincerely yours in creative spirit,


Dorothy Grant

Internationally renowned fashion designer and traditional Haida artist Dorothy Grant's strong connection to her culture and Haida identity has been the driving creative force and her foundation as a contemporary fashion designer for over thirty-two years.

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